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Annual Event Schedule

Izu Peninsula, a wide variety of events and festivals are held throughout the year.
Beginning of April Atagawa Hot Spring Cherry Blossom Festival (Atagawa)
End of April to Beginning of May Komuroyama Azalea Festival (Kawana)
Beginning of May to Middle of June Kawazu Japanese Iris Gardeny(Kawazu)
Middle of May Kurofune Festival (Shimoda)
End of May Ito Sukechika Festival (Ito)
Beginning of June Inatori Hot Spring Dontsuku Festivaly(Inatori)
Beginning of June Hotaru (Firefly) Observation (Ito)
Beginning of June Shimoda Shiroyama Park Hydrangea Festival (Shimoda)
Beginning of June to end of June Firefly Observation Evening in Takegasawa Park (Okawa)
Beginning of July Ito Matsukawa Tarai World Championship (Ito)
End of July Atagawa Hot Spring Seaside Fireworks(Atagawa)
End of July Dogashima Fire Festival (Nishiizu)
Beginning of August Katase Hot Spring Summer Festival gTachienbih | Hand-held Fireworks (Katase Kaigan)
Beginning of August Ito Anjinsai (Ito)
Middle of August Ito Hot Spring Hashi (chopsticks) Festival (Ito)
Middle of August Shimoda Taiko Festival (Shimoda)
Middle of September Nagahachi Festival (Matsuzaki)
End of September Koina no Toramai (festival)(Minamiizu)
Beginning of October Ito Hot Spring Hanagasa Odori (dancing with a hat decorated with artificial flowers) (Ito)
End of October Mitaka style Sanbaso (Kabuki) (Imaihama-Kaigan)
End of October Shiranaha Jinja Reitaisai gHitachisaih(Shimoda)
Beginning of November to End of November Amagiji Momiji (Maple) Festival (Kawazu)
Beginning of November Otonashi Jinja Shrine Shiritsumi Festival (Ito)
Beginning of December to End of January Aloe Flower Festival (Shimoda)
Middle of December to End of January Daffodil Festival(Shimoda)
Middle of December to Middle of May Kawazu Carnation Exhibition Garden (Kawazu)
Middle of January to End of March Hinano Tsurushi Kazari Matsuri (Inatori)
Beginning of February to beginning of March Southern Cherry Blossom and Rape Blossom Festival (Minamiizu)
Beginning of February to Beginning of March Kawazuzakura Festival (Kawazu)
Middle of February Omuroyama Yamayaki (mountain turf burning) ( (Izukogen)
Beginning of March to Beginning of April Izu-Kogen Cherry Blossom Festival (Oh-kanzakura/Someiyoshino)(Izukogen)
Variety of tastes unique to Izu such as riches of
the sea and fruits of the soil make popular souvenirs.
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Guri Cha (Green tea)


Dried marine products


Gelidium jelly




Local beers

Hot spring steamed buns

Mikan wine