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Local train tourist guide on Izu Kyuko Line

* View Izushichito from a distance on a clear day.

(Ito Station: Approx. 10 min walk)

Inside a building that once served as a hot spring inn, a large number of traditional Japanese architectural patterns can be seen by craftsmen from that time period. You can stop by to enjoy the in-house bath.

Komuroyama Tsutsuji Park
(Kawana Station: Approx. 25 min walk)

In the Azalea park spreading over the midslope of Komuroyama, approximately 100 thousand azaleas bloom from the end of April to the beginning of May.

Kawana Futo

Suspension Bridge

(Jogasaki-Kaigan Station: 25 min walk)

48m in length and 23m in height
The mesmerizing blue sea expands under your eyes. Enjoy the heart-pounding excitement feeling the sea breeze.

(Izu-Kogen station: 20 min by bus)

Gently undulating dormant volcano. A panoramic view expands from the top of the mountain. In February, the 700 year old annual mountain burning is performed.

Cherry blossom tunnel
(Izu-Kogen Station: 3 min walk)

From the end of March to the beginning of April, cherry blossoms bloom along both sides the road in the range of approx. 3km between Izu-Kogen Station and Omuroyama, as a pink tunnel emerges.



(Izu-Atagawa Station: 3 min walk)

There is a legend that if you pray for a wish by splashing hot water on the Benzaiten statue, your wish will come true. Another legend has it that if you wash your money in Takaraike pond near the Benzaiten Statue, your riches will increase.

Yuba Esplanade
(Katase-Shirata Station: Approx. 10 min walk)

Finely maintained esplanade along Katase Beach. Benches, etc., are provided. Enjoy walking along the beach of the Katase hot spring while viewing the sea.

Katase-Shirata Izu-Inatori

Izu-Inatori Imaihama-Kaigan

Izu animal kingdom
(Izu-Inatori Station: Approx. 10 min by bus)

In three zones, an animal zone, a play zone, and a sports zone, there is loads of fun to be had. In the animal zone, you can feed a giraffe with many other activities.



Precocious cherry blossom. From the beginning of February to the beginning of March, the Kawazuzakura festival is held.

Kawazu Bagatelle Park
(Kawazu Sattion: Approx. 7 min by bus)

This is a sister garden which faithfully reproduces the world-famous Bagatelle Park in Paris. 6000 roses of over 1100 varieties have been replanted which includes a large number of varieties which cannot be seen in Japan except for this garden. The best season to admire the roses is the spring and autumn.

Kawazu Nanadaru
(Kawazu station: Approx. 25 min by bus)

This is a collective designation of seven waterfalls along Kawazugawa River. Among them, Shokeidaru is said to be the most beautiful waterfall, and a bonze statute “Dancer and Me” is the best photo spot in harmony with green of the mountain and water splash.

Yoshida Shoin Gukisho
(Rendaiji Station: Approx. 15 min walk)

This is the house where an Edo period smuggling operations ringleader, Shoin Yoshida, sought refuge from the authorities. A second-floor hiding room and an in-house bath with a deeply dug in bath remain from that period.

Perry road
(Izu Shimoda Station: Approx. 10 min walk)

Walking down the stone-paved road along the river from Ryosenji Temple to the entrance of Shimoda Park, enjoy the sea cucumber walls, the row of Izu stone houses, and stylish shops for shopping or just taking a break.